Yunshang Shangri La Home Furnishing Teaches You How to Choose a Good Soft Bed

Issuing time:2022-08-02 11:45

There are many advantages of a soft bed

1、 But there is also a lot of knowledge in the selection process. When choosing a soft bed, the first thing to consider is whether the bed frame is sturdy.

2、 It depends on the appearance. A high-quality soft bed has clear patterns, full printing, and a delicate fabric surface.

3、 Smell the odor. Products with good quality generally have a fresh and natural odor, without any odor. If you smell a pungent odor such as sour odor when opening the packaging, it is likely because the formaldehyde or pH in the product exceeds the standard. It is best not to purchase.

4、 Touching the texture, the good product feels comfortable, delicate, and tight. Some elderly people like the idea of sleeping mats with soft springs and feel very comfortable. In fact, elderly people sleeping on soft beds has a lot of registers, and simplifying a soft bed based on basic needs does not meet the physiological requirements of the elderly. Spinal surgery experts observed elderly people sleeping on hard beds, soft beds, and semi hard beds (with thickened wooden boards) using X-rays and found that sleeping on hard beds slightly caused scoliosis.

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